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Latest Message: 1 day, 8 hours ago
  • KnightsBard : KIM YOU ROCK where you at?
  • Kouchkiller : Pew
  • Smaca : Pew, Pew, Pew what ya gonna do?
  • antney718 : SCREAMS
  • antney718 : lmao
  • antney718 : hey chris
  • Redrescue198 : SERVER DOWN ?
  • Claudette : What goes thru the Mirror Dread Captian when he emerges from the rift to see 5 Dreads.
  • Admiral Hawk : Happy St. Patty's Day all my friends!!!
  • Claudette : Tymmy now has a fb page "Tymmyd' go 'like' the page.
  • thekirk : Free BVG to whoever finds my pants
  • The Dominato : yes
  • PirateKitteh : Good to be here listening to TH3xR34P3R
  • Osses : DJ_Navyman is back from retirement!
  • Kahless : Sonic Assault...Up NEXT!!
  • Kouchkiller : Well Big Dogg will be out tomorrow, so stop by the IGST and see who will be serving up the grub!! 1500 - 1900 EST (I hate GMT)
  • Kouchkiller : I hate GMT
  • Kahless : Sonic with spell check! lol
  • Kahless : Forget the Targ...come celebrate with The Empreor and ROCK your Valentine's Friday!
  • Rrakktorr : Celebrate Valentine's Day with a heart... of targ!
  • Claudette : Make sure u get your Free Horta and Khans uni from Arc. today!
  • Kyzler : back tomorrow!
  • Smaca : No way Harrison, You are awesome sauce!
  • Harison : Smaca and Sybero are AWESOME

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