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Donations Backlog Cleared And Happy New Year!

Aloha SSR! First off, many thanks for clearing the backlog of donations which have been causing some concern around here for the last few months. One donor in particular (I shant name names but it's easy enough to work out) has very graciously wiped out two months in one fell…

Arlas' Game Corner - Robocraft

  (Listen to the recorded version, here.) Oh hoy yo!     Arlas returning, from the comfort of a Behemoth-class Battlecruiser. That's the fun of alternate timelines and dimensional pockets. Our universe that we know could be so different from the others. 70 years from 2409, we're looking at capital…

Arlas' Game Corner - Magic: the Gathering - Arena

  (Listen to the recorded version, here.) Oh hoy yo! Arlas here, still in text form... One day I'll find the I/O tower that gets me out of here (to those who get that reference, thank you). You know, it does get boring trapped inside this maze of a machine,…

Arlas' Game Corner - Ironsight

(Listen to the recorded version, here.) Oh hoy yo! Arlas back again, but this time in text form. Turns out, for the last two years I ended up trapping myself within the confines of my PC. I still haven't gotten free, but I've learned to tap into its systems and…

Convention Report - Gen Con 2017

14 August (Lake Placid -> Massena) This year the Great Gen Con Expedition began one day earlier than normal due to the different travel plans than I usually had. Since my van is clearly on its last legs, I didn't want a repeat of last year's incident when the catalytic…

S0205 – “Dudes Getting Whacked” — Friday The 13th

One two, Freddy’s coming for you, three four, better lock your door. Five.. er… wrong scary movie! Our intrepid hosts decided to brave the new Friday the 13th game

Radio Show Preparation

My goal as a DJ is to put together a fun show that will entertain the people listening.  I want to provide a chance for them to relax, get a little silly, and briefly forget about all the crap they have to deal with every day.  I do my best…

S02E04 – “Dudes In Space” – Elite: Dangerous and Star Citizen

In this episode of Two Dudes 1P, our hosts initially decided to do some alien catching in Elite Dangerous.

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